Corporate Rebels Application


Dear Catelijne,

When I saw the email for “Two Corporate Rebels Wanted” come through, I immediately, almost instinctively, started preparing my thoughts and approach to reach out and apply for the opportunity, and have taken my time to get them together.

Having followed the Corporate Rebels journey since Joost and Pim visited Sydney, Australia, the email resonated as a call for me to strive for an even more sincere place in the world from where I could scratch the itch of wanting to use my experience, skills and talents as a strategic consultant and coach of over 9 years, to help more people, teams and organisations change the world - one rebellion at a time.

I’m currently working with Lifestyle Solutions, a national disability services provider in Australia, as an Enterprise Transformation Consultant, on an organisational redesign endeavour primarily inspired by Buurtzorg. I work with senior leadership, including C level executives, to facilitate, consult, and coach them through the organisational transformation.

This includes things as simple as helping them how to think about competing priorities across transformation projects and BAU responsibilities, to coaching them through the updating of processes, policies, and technologies for a world of self-managing teams, using Human Centred Design principles and Agile practices, often with department heads who have zero understanding of these concepts to begin with.

To learn about the specifics of my professional experience and expertise, I invite you to download my resume, check out my LinkedIn profile, and/or read my Story and Work pages on my website. You can also get a taste for the kind of things I believe in and the values I hold dear by having a read through my blog, and if you’re particularly interested, you can take a look at an interview podcast show I produced and hosted a few years ago, called The Life: Optimised Show.

To help you learn more about my specific intentions for wanting to join Corporate Rebels, and what I want to bring to the table, I’d like to quickly answer some questions that I think you might want to know the answers to, but are not typically in the scope of a job application.

Where am I from, personally and professionally?

I was born in Punjab, India, in a Sikh family still dealing with the aftermath of communal violence, and resultingly being prompted to migrate to Sydney, Australia when I was 15 months old, which is where I’ve predominantly grown up.

I have, however, spent several months living and working in a various parts of Europe also, and last year married my wonderfully talented and also-non-conformist Polish wife, Ola, who migrated to Australia just before the wedding.

As a consultant, coach, and workshop facilitator, I’ve also worked with clients in places as varied as Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Southeast Asia, Canada and Singapore; and I've worked with a range of industries and sectors including Government, Financial Services, Retail, Professional Services, Non-Profit, Education, & Technology Startups.

All that said, I have always considered myself a global citizen, and have been largely raised by studying Western and Eastern philosophy, behavioural psychology, sociology, and anthropology.

Formally, I studied at the University of Technology, Sydney, and have a Bachelor degree in Business, majoring in Human Resource Management, as well as a Bachelor degree in Medical Science, where I focused largely on neuro-psychology.

I am also a Master Practioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a certified Executive Coach. Next month I will be undertaking a Certified Agile Leadership (CAL 1) course.

What do I care about and how does it make me a corporate rebel?

Aside from what’s implied above in terms of my interests, there are 3 fundamental values that I care about and try to use as my compass to remain true to myself:

Integrity: I believe that fundamental to a sincerely happy and fullfiling life is the ability to have complete alignment between what I think, what I say, and what I do. Practically, this translates to ensuring that the only difference in how I show up at work and how I show up in my personal life is the relevance of what I’m communicating.

Over time though, my passion for using every opportunity to inspire and encourage others to nurture more integrity has been at the heart of my decisions about how I form relationships, and generally how I live my life.

This very often means I have to run against a corporate culture of playing office politics (not my strong suit anyway) and presenting a certain image of success and intelligence, even when it’s not really true. But I believe in the long run, nurturing my integrity has always allowed me to do better work and have a greater positive impact on my clients and peers.

Love: It’s definitely not a word that my colleagues or clients in the business word are comfortable with at first, but it doesn’t take long working with me to know that I really believe that loving (yourself, the people around you, and the world at large) is at the heart of driving the best real-world business outcomes, and doing it in a sustainable and honest way that creates positive waves that can touch a lot more people in your circle of influence and beyond.

I also believe that there is a lot to be said for the underated skill of bringing a genuine commitment to love into organisational development work, especially in the context of business consulting and coaching. Some of the most powerful work I’ve been able to do has been with clients who I’ve started a strategic planning session with at 3pm, and by 10pm at night am facilitating a relationship counselling session for.

And it’s not simply because it’s necessary to get through that in order to deal with business challenges & organisational transformation in a meaningful way, but because focusing on and working with the love that underlies one’s commitment to their business or work is the most truly rewarding thing I can do, which perpetually fuels more and more success for everyone involved.

Service: Albert Einstein once said “Success is not always correlated with value. To be a man of success often means playing by certain rules of society, not necessarily bringing real value. A man of value does not seek praise or admiration, and it is not interested in being seen as successful because he knows his real value.“

I believe this knowing of my real value has only ever come from being 100% committed to being of service to others - and of service to a better, more compassionate way of working in the world - especially if I’m ever tempted to think I need to start plotting my path to success more strategically or playing into societial rules and expectations of what it means to be “successful”.

Remembering this value of service, and regularly reorienting myself with it, has helped me countless times to rebel against a corporate culture of “sticking to your corner and protecting your job”, and has given me the courage to challenge authority when I’ve really believed that a decision was only in the interest of the decision maker, rather than in service of a higher mission, such as making a workplace a healthier and happier place to work at.

What do I want to contribute to Corporate Rebels and why?

Besides my integrity, love and service, and a decade of highly diversified experience that is ridiculously relevant and aligned to the main Corporate Rebel role, I want to contribute my whole self to the mission that you’re all on. It’s something that I truly believe in, but more importantly, it’s something that I’m already living.

Unfortunately, I’m still challenged by constraints of corporate structures and personalities that are not truly, from the heart, invested in the mission. They are invested in their jobs more than the amazing opportunity they’ve been given to positively impact tens of thousands of lives.

But my heart and soul has always been in combining pragmatism, strategic thinking, and people-centred coaching, and contributing that to organisations and groups that were truly motivated to change the world in a meaningful way - and actually believed they could really do it through their own workplaces, and through leading by example.

To be a part of a team that was truly committed to such a mission would be like coming home, and contribute everything I’ve got in a much more empowered way.

Would I move to the Netherlands to work with Corporate Rebels?


It helps that my wife is Polish, and would jump at the opportunity to move back closer to her home. However, I would also be thrilled at the opportunity to help spread the Corporate Rebels message through Australia and Asia-Pacific with more deliberation.

If you’ve managed to read this far, I’m honoured that you’ve taken the time, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you very soon and potentially becoming an official Corporate Rebel!

Warm regards,



m: +61 421 494 734

Some kind words from people I’ve worked with in the past

"I have had the pleasure of working with Dev on numerous occasions within my business and found that he gave me much more value than I expected every time we met. Through his thorough understanding of my personal goals and his ability to switch between my personal and business objectives, I was able to generate unfathomed results that set the benchmark for new levels of success in both my business and personal world" - George Bastoli

"Dev has a superior approach in decoding and explaining complex problems and concepts with great clarity." - Prashant Kumar

"Dev is a powerhouse of pragmatism, clarity and knowledge." - Tracey Yuen

"I always used to be very skeptical about coaching. It had all the negative associations in my mind. However Dev through his work with me proved me it can look differently.Thanks to our work together I improved my employees process efficiency by 38%, which resulted in ~38% salary savings for company basically. I would highly recommend Dev to these who strive to be the best." - Pawel Kaczynski

"Dev has the ability to empathise with the core-values of businesses he is consulting and relentlessly pursues to make the process more optimised and productive. He is very positive and a great motivator for businesses taking risks and venturing into the unknown." - Sam Talwalkar