Fundamentals of Productivity & Innovation masterclass

An introduction to people centred planning, working with agility and shared leadership

This masterclass will introduce your employees and teams to concepts, frameworks and tools to work with greater productivity and efficiency, in the context of both project and non-project work.

It will also improve the quality of your problem solving and innovative solution design, resulting in increased employee engagement and customer satisfaction, and ultimately giving you an enhanced competitive edge.

Ideal participants

Employees required to work in cross-functional projects without much formal project management training; directors, senior managers, heads of departments, program managers, and operational staff.


Half day or full day

Number of participants

5 - 15 (negotiable by context)


You will benefit from this masterclass if you…

  • Need to manage and lead a team with inconsistent skill and motivation levels.

  • Feel overwhelmed in prioritising your work in the face of resource constraints.

  • Suffer from underutilised talent, inefficient processes, and painful admin overheads.

  • Are caught up in buzzwords and trends like “Agile”, “innovation”, and “designing thinking” but unclear how to make them actually work for you and your organisation.

  • Want to boost a sense of belonging and cooperation for your teams.

  • Want to take your customer service capabilities to the next level of excellence.

  • Want to have greater influence and positive impact with your teams and customers.

By the end of this masterclass you will learn...

  • The primary ways people think about work and how it impacts your productivity.

  • The elusive fundamentals of project management in the modern workplace.

  • The 8 kinds of inefficiencies that are impacting your team morale and bottom line.

  • What this Agile thing is all about and how it applies to your work, no matter what type of industry, business or department you’re in.

  • The key misconception about Agile and how it does more harm than good.

  • A creative approach to problem solving and solution design that will immediately boost your competitiveness & accelerate your customer satisfaction scores.

  • How to revolutionise the way you and your team members identify, prioritise, approach, and evolve their work and their relationships with each other.

  • 5 simple and easy to adopt practices that will significantly improve your personal and team work efficiencies and mitigate overwhelm and burnout.

  • Build a workplace where people feel safer, more trusting, and collaborative.

Beyond Agile project management

The past decade has seen a large number of prominent organisations turning to Agile in the hopes of it being a silver bullet to solve a number of productivity and delivery problems.

In 2017 the Project Management Institute reported that over 70% of organisations were using Agile approaches at least sometimes. Since then, that number has grown significantly.

Also in 2017, research conducted by independent IT consultancy 6point6 found that UK businesses were on track to waste an estimated £37 billion on failed Agile projects.

Confirmed failures in introducing Agile and other new ways of working have been widely reported across the US and Australia too. And that’s largely in organisations where project management competencies are considered high and PMOs are considered well resourced.

When it comes to work that falls outside managed projects, smaller organisations struggle to even start improving productivity and efficiency.

Consequently, innovation is left to be driven by a centralised few, which stifles how fast they can keep up with changing market demands, often compromising on quality of service and products.

Is it because Agile project management doesn’t work?

Back to the future of fundamentals

There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that Agile can work very well, but Agile is often misunderstood and rolled out with several false assumptions and a lack of a foundational understanding about productivity and innovation.

In order to improve productivity in a sustainable way, and to encourage and foster innovation, it’s critical that your organisation has a truly shared understanding of what it means to work with agility, which is far more important than adherence to any particular project management methodology.

An appreciation of shared leadership is also essential to ensure your teams go beyond new ways of thinking about work and actually practice new ways of doing work.

The golden linchpin to bring all this together is an approach to strategy planning that supports a new way of solving problems, and lays fertile ground for creating innovative solutions.

Ultimately this results in a perfect storm of improved workplace engagement, and teams and individuals that feel empowered to bring their best selves to the workplace, and who have a fundamentally more meaningful and fulfilling relationship with their work and organisation.

About your facilitator

20190813-DSC_6631 (Medium) (1).jpg

Dev Singh has over 9 years of experience working with established and aspiring organisational leaders to build stronger & more strategic business foundations, and to lead with greater impact and influence.

Besides working with organisations all over Australia in over a dozen sectors, Dev has coached and consulted for entrepreneurs and executives in places as varied as Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, UK, Southeast Asia, North America, and Singapore.

As a versatile subject-matter expert, Dev has designed and delivered keynotes and workshops for hundreds of organisations worldwide on entrepreneurship, branding & marketing, communication, influence, and project management, across a range of industries and sectors including Government, Financial Services, Retail, Professional Services, Non-Profit, Education, & Tech Startups.

Dev has a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Medical Science, with a particular interest in Organisational Psychology and Behavioural Neuroscience. He’s also certified in Agile Leadership by the Scrum Alliance.

As a qualified Executive Coach and Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Dev is known for empowering other entrepreneurs and professionals to transform their businesses and lives at deep, belief-system levels, and for making every learning experience incredibly practical and fun.

Testimonials & recommendations

"Thanks to our work together I improved my employees process efficiency by 38%, which resulted in ~38% salary savings for company basically. I would highly recommend Dev to these who strive to be the best and are eager to discover what they can improve regarding business processes and strategic planning."

- Pawel Kaczynski, Innovation Manager, PHD

"Dev is a self-aware, purpose-driven enabler with a commitment to ensuring that his clients are on track to lead a fulfilling life. Dev is passionate and very generous with his time and energy. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a coach and a business consultant."

- Shanil Samarakoon, Executive Director, Empower Projects

“Dev is a strategic powerhouse, an effective coach that enables results and installs the confidence in others to forge ahead in unexplored territories.“

- Jonathan Marin, Executive Leader Customer Service, Lifestyle Solutions

“Dev is very creative, extremely professional, down to earth and a pleasure to work with. He is an excellent communicator, has a great presence and presentation skills which shine through with his passion towards helping others.”

- Ralph Anania, Executive Mentor to Leaders & CEOs

"Dev has a superior approach in decoding and explaining complex problems and concepts with great clarity. He also possesses a sound functional and interpersonal skill set with superior analysis, facilitation, consulting and coaching techniques."

- Prashant Kumar, Senior BA, Westpac