About me


The short professional version

Dev Singh has over a decade of experience working with established and aspiring organisational leaders to build stronger & more strategic business foundations, and to lead with greater impact and influence.

Besides working with organisations all over Australia in over a dozen sectors, Dev has coached and consulted for entrepreneurs and executives in places as varied as Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, UK, Southeast Asia, North America, and Singapore.

As a versatile thought leader, Dev has designed and delivered keynotes and workshops for hundreds of organisations worldwide on entrepreneurship, business strategy, leadership, branding & marketing, communication, influence and innovation, across a range of industries and sectors including Government, Financial Services, Retail, Professional Services, Non-Profit, Education, Technology & startups.

Dev has a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Medical Science, with a particular interest in Organisational Psychology and Behavioural Neuroscience. He’s also certified in Agile Leadership by the Scrum Alliance.

As a qualified Executive Coach and Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Dev is known for empowering other entrepreneurs and professionals to transform their businesses and lives at deep, belief-system levels, and for making every learning experience incredibly practical and fun.

The longer professional version

For about a decade now I’ve worked with several hundreds of executives, entrepreneurs and professionals, to build and optimise brands, businesses, leaders and organisational teams all around the world, in places as diverse as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Auckland, London, Stockholm, Toronto, Mumbai and more.

Having worked globally in industries and sectors including small business, social enterprise, technology, retail, non-profit, education & manufacturing, I’ve observed that regardless of culture, industry or profession, there are a few universal challenges that all business leaders face:

  • There’s a lack of clear strategy for personal & enterprise brands to effectively connect with the right audiences.

  • Business teams are fragmented in their commitment and communication.

  • Uninspired organisational cultures lead to a high resistence to change and, thereby, growth.

  • Business leaders & executives are constantly over-promised and under-delivered to by professional service agencies and consultants.


You don’t want opinion and rhetoric. 

You want someone that can understand your vision, investigate your brand performance and actually implement a clear strategy that gets you meaningful and measurable results in your business and career.

That’s where I come in.


I’ve spent over a decade studying and training with some of the world’s most prolific and successful names in entrepreneurship, marketing, influence and communication, and continue to maintain a special passion for behavioural and organisational psychology, political strategy and philosophy, and social dynamics.

I invite you to connect with me and find out how I can start getting you meaningful and measurable results today.

All that said, if you’d like a slightly deeper understanding of where I’m coming from, and what I’m about, then here’s a bit of an origin story for you.

The deeper origin story


In the aftermath of communal and political turmoil, in the mid 80s, my family migrated from Punjab, India to Sydney, Australia. As with many young migrant parents, they came with little money and possessions, and some simple dreams of a safer and more peaceful life for themselves and their children.

Growing up as a cross-cultural, multilingual kid had many benefits: I dealt with identity crises, emotional and physical bullying at school, and a couple of family tragedies thrown into the mix at a young age.

At the age of sixteen I lost my mother under spontaneous, unforeseen and tragic circumstances.

Whilst it may seem facetious to call any of those experiences “benefits” – and I certainly didn’t appreciate them as such at the time – in retrospect, learning to overcome them has been just as significant in contributing to my success and the success of my clients around the world, as my education and training.

In 2007 I graduated from University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) with a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Medical Science, specialising and focusing on Human Resource Management, Organisational Culture, Neuroscience and Behavioural Psychology.

There were many clues pointing towards where I am now, but I decided instead to pursue graduate education and training to become a medical doctor.

Despite the abundant accolades and encouragement I received for the career path I had found myself on, I never quite shook the feeling that it was laden with land-mines that had my name on it. Only a few months into my first year, one of those mines exploded and I ended up in hospital as a patient.

Enduring some truly awful months of mysterious and painful symptoms finally led me to the operating theatre, for a supposedly straightforward procedure. Only that the straightforward procedure, a few days later, turned into a haemorrhaging and several hours of bleeding out in an ER, as I patiently waited for the surgeon to arrive and stitch me up again.

Until I crashed. And then I don’t remember what happened, before waking up a few hours later in a dark hospital room, feeling completely disoriented and alone. I had spent the past couple of hours under general anaesthetic, and I was slowly remembering how I had ended up there.

During the subsequent months of recovery, I struggled to make sense of my decisions and what to do now, having cut short my career in medicine and unsure about what lay ahead. A big decision I was confronted to make was when a trigger-happy doctor advised me to start taking medication to get me out of my slump.

Having seen many examples of people going down a complicated abyss of mental health medication, I knew I wanted to avoid it at all costs. And that meant I had to take massive responsibility for my life again.

I re-ventured deep into the world of personal development, spirituality, behavioural psychology, human motivation and personal transformation. I read dozens of books and hundreds of papers, studied countless philosophers, spiritualists, bio-hackers and attended several trainings and courses.

Perhaps what had the most profound impact though, at least in tying all my studying together, were the mentors and coaches I worked privately with along the way.

It didn’t take me too long to get an excellent position building the professional capacity of grass-roots organisations in the community services sector. Alongside this continually evolving role, I began getting asked to help more and more social entrepreneurs with their business and marketing strategies, as well as giving talks on branding, marketing and entrepreneurship.

Eventually I transitioned to working primarily with entrepreneurs and business owners as an independent consultant, and then built and ran a successful digital agency for a couple of years, whilst simultaneously embarking on more self-discovery overseas. And then eventually the urge to explore a different kind of game brought me back home to work with the Australian Government's ambitious Digital Transformation Agency.

After that I did a brief but extremely insightful stint with one of Australia's largest financial institutions, and with much greater self-awareness, found myself coming back to the for-purpose world, working with the senior leadership of a large national disability and child & family services provider on exciting enterprise transformation initiatives.

Along the way, this eclectic adventure has taken me to incredibly interesting places around the world like Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Singapore, South East Asia, and more; and I've been blessed with some remarkable experiences along the way too, including:

  • Acting in a feature film

  • Becoming an exhibited and published photographer

  • Having spoken to business audiences in over a dozen different cities globally

  • Advised & coached international VC funded startups and social enterprises

Through all of these awesome and diverse experiences, both professional and otherwise, it has become more and more clear to me how an organisation or project's performance and results are, first and foremost, a direct reflection of the integrity and personal leadership of the people involved.

So, over the past couple of years in particular, I’ve been diving even deeper into figuring out what makes exceptional leaders and teams achieve this level of genuine integrity, and how their unique mindset and capabilities translate into real, meaningful and measurable business results, whilst getting more and more overall fulfilment in their lives.

If you're on a similar journey, or resonate with my sentiments or work, I'd love to hear from you.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or send me an email.