Strategic Planning & Facilitation


Strategic planning & facilitation is an often undervalued, linchpin skill-set. You may have considered on several occasions that the best knowledge about your business for strategic planning comes from within, so why would you waste money on hiring an external facilitator? Sounds logical enough, except that being a professional facilitator has very little to do with knowing how to run your business - in fact, that's often a great liability.

The value and power of working with an external facilitator is in organising and driving the discussion towards a clear, coherent, and self-derived strategic plan, whilst ensuring that participation is balanced, robust and leads towards a true sense of ownership and commitment amongst everyone involved.

Simply put, it's not what I know but what I ask that will ensure the best strategic planning workshop you've ever experienced.

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  • An initial chat is not the same as an initial consult. I will get back to you in response to your message to have a quick chat for us to get a feel for each other's vibe. If we're happy to progress, we'll schedule an initial consult and next steps from there.

  • I am very particular about the type of people and businesses I work with, from an ethical stand-point. If you're in a business that knowingly works against the interests of humanity, community or the environment, I'm likely not the best person for you to work with.

  • Further to the above point, if you're a business that specifically works towards the betterment of humanity, community or the environment, but are in a sub-optimal financial situation, feel free to reach out. I like to keep an eye out for meaningful businesses I can support to become more self-sustaining, and appreciate the opportunity to give back in this way.