Strategy Consulting


Strategy consulting helps you identify problems in your business that might be in your blind spots; workout your plan for dealing with those problems; design your product & service roadmap; rationalise your products and services, acquisitions and removals; and create your plan for future growth.

Specific Domains of Expertise

Service Design

Service Design is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on how your business, and your services in particular, interact with your customers at all touch-points, and the specific methodologies that uncover what your customer is thinking and feeling at each interaction point. Optimising your service design often starts with drawing out a sophisticated service map and customer journey, but brings some complex expertise into the mix (e.g. social psychology, anthropology, interaction design), to inform decision making that ultimately impacts your bottom line.

Branding & Marketing

Branding & Marketing are not interchangeable terms. Related to service design, branding is the set of activities that go into creating the experience your customers have of their relationship with you. That experience is your brand. Marketing is the set of activities involved in identifying, acquiring, retaining and nurturing your customers. Ensuring that your branding and marketing activities are strategically aligned is a complex art, where an experienced outside perspective can make a world of difference to ensuring your business success is deliberate and measurable.

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  • I am very particular about the type of people and businesses I work with, from an ethical stand-point. If you're in a business that knowingly works against the interests of humanity, community or the environment, I'm likely not the best person for you to work with.

  • Further to the above point, if you're a business that specifically works towards the betterment of humanity, community or the environment, but are in a sub-optimal financial situation, feel free to reach out. I like to keep an eye out for meaningful businesses I can support to become more self-sustaining, and appreciate the opportunity to give back in this way.