Training programs & keynote speaking

I run training programs and deliver keynote presentations for small and large audiences alike, working with start-up entrepreneurs, small businesses, non-profits, community organisations, and government agencies.

Over the past decade, I’ve designed and delivered keynotes and trainings for over 20 global conferences across Australia, New Zealand, UK, India, Singapore & Europe, and for dozens of organisations on topics including:

  • Business strategy

  • Leadership & executive skills

  • Branding & marketing

  • Project & product management

  • Productivity & innovation

  • Digital transformation

  • Communication & influence

  • Public speaking & presenting

  • Authentic selling

  • Entrepreneurial mindset & best practices

Signature training programs

Fundamentals of Productivity & Innovation masterclass

An introduction to new ways of working, people centred planning, and shared leadership

This masterclass will generate improved workplace engagement and productivity, with teams and individuals that feel empowered to bring their best selves to work, and who have a fundamentally more meaningful and fulfilling relationship with their work.

This consequently will improve the quality of your problem solving, products and services, increase customer satisfaction, and improve your competitive edge in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

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Human Centred Strategy workshop

Learn how to design your business strategy to inspire innovation, cultivate collaboration, and drive sustainable growth

This workshop will explain the historical evolution of strategy in business, why it’s often misunderstood, and the key mistakes that organisations make in designing a strategy that achieves universal buy-in and successful, sustainable implementation.

Participants will leave the workshop with a solid understanding of their own strategic blind spots, and a refreshing new way of thinking about strategy and strategic planning.

Participants will also walk away with practical principles, frameworks and tools to help them design an organisational strategy that isn’t just compelling but actually inspires creative collaboration and produces meaningful and measurable results.

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