How I work with businesses, leaders & teams

Regardless of what you engage me for, we'll generally follow the below process flow to make sure that our work together is deriving meaningful and measurable results along the way.

Of course, every situation is unique (sometimes just in subtle ways), so there's always room for adaptability. Furthermore, on the rare occasion, a client will engage me for a very specific part of their own business journey.

For example, a leadership team might call me in to facilitate a goal setting workshop, and not be too fussed about going through a full cycle of workflow planning and review.

That said, even one-off workshops will involve:

  1. An initial consultation to get a sense of the context and to determine if we're a sensible match to work together

  2. Understanding what the current situation is in more detail, including the bigger picture of the team, organisation & industry

  3. Establishing some goals and objectives for the workshop to make sure it's aligned with the bigger picture

  4. Planning the structure and flow of the workshop, however high level or specific it may need to be

  5. Delivering the workshop (obviously)

  6. Reviewing how the workshop went, its outputs and how they can be used to position the team and organisation for optimal growth.

One more thing. The below services and domains rarely operate in complete distinction from each other. There are inevitable overlaps across many of them, which is why I don't promote them as distinct service "packages". When you work with me, you get all of me, and we figure out together what service and expertise I need to bring to the table first.

Specialised services & areas of expertise

Strategy consulting

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Strategy consulting helps you identify problems in your business that might be in your blind spots; workout your plan for dealing with those problems; design your product & service roadmap; rationalise your products and services, acquisitions and removals; and create your plan for future growth.

Executive coaching

Executive coaching gives you access to the kind of support that the most successful leaders in the world depend on - the kind that guides you to increase your self-awareness and leverage your inner resources to make the most strategic and insightful decisions for your organisation with expanding confidence, and become the best leader you can possibly be.

Service design

Service design is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on how your business, and your services in particular, interact with your customers at all touch-points, and the specific methodologies that uncover what your customer is thinking and feeling at each interaction point. Optimising your service design often starts with drawing out a sophisticated service map and customer journey, but brings some complex expertise into the mix (e.g. social psychology, anthropology, interaction design), to inform decision making that ultimately impacts your bottom line.

Branding & marketing

Branding & marketing are not interchangeable terms. Related to service design, branding is the set of activities that go into creating the experience your customers have of their relationship with you. That experience is your brand. Marketing is the set of activities involved in identifying, acquiring, retaining and nurturing your customers. Ensuring that your branding and marketing activities are strategically aligned is a complex art, where an experienced outside perspective can make a world of difference to ensuring your business success is deliberate and measurable.

Process & productivity improvement

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Process & productivity improvement are imperative if you want to keep up with a fast-paced, competitive market. Continuous changes in technology and new ways of working mean if you're not fostering a culture of continuous improvement in how you're going about your operations - both BAU and special projects - you can quickly turn into an organisational dinosaur, on the fast-track to extinction.

When I come in to your business, we take a critical look at how you're running the ship, where there might be some leaks in the hull, patch up what we can for quick results, and swiftly move on to making sure you and your team are abreast of the latest approaches in process improvement, productivity management, organisational design, and digital transformation (without getting caught up in fleeting and buzzy trends).

Strategic planning & facilitation

Photo by  Mark Rabe  on  Unsplash

Photo by Mark Rabe on Unsplash

Strategic planning & facilitation is an often undervalued, linchpin skill-set. You may have considered on several occasions that the best knowledge about your business for strategic planning comes from within, so why would you waste money on hiring an external facilitator? Sounds logical enough, except that being a professional facilitator has very little to do with knowing how to run your business - in fact, that's often a great liability.

The value and power of working with an external facilitator is in organising and driving the discussion towards a clear, coherent, and self-derived strategic plan, whilst ensuring that participation is balanced, robust and leads towards a true sense of ownership and commitment amongst everyone involved.

Simply put, it's not what I know but what I ask that will ensure the best strategic planning workshop you've ever experienced.

Speaking and training

I do limited keynote presentations and run workshops for small and large audiences alike throughout the year.

I began speaking and training specifically in the areas of branding, marketing & communications for start-up entrepreneurs, small businesses, non-profits, community organisations, and government agencies. I've since designed and delivered keynotes and workshops for over 20 global conferences across Australia, New Zealand, UK, India, Singapore & Europe, and for dozens of organisations on topics including:

  • Business strategy

  • Branding & marketing

  • Communication & influence

  • Public speaking & presenting

  • Authentic selling

  • Project & product management

  • Distributed leadership

  • Entrepreneurial mindset

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Some things to keep in mind, before you reach out:

  • An initial chat is not the same as an initial consult. I will get back to you in response to your message to have a quick chat for us to get a feel for each other's vibe. If we're happy to progress, we'll schedule an initial consult and next steps from there.

  • I am very particular about the type of people and businesses I work with, from an ethical stand-point. If you're in a business that knowingly works against the interests of humanity, community or the environment, I'm likely not the best person for you to work with.

  • Further to the above point, if you're a business that specifically works towards the betterment of humanity, community or the environment, but are in a sub-optimal financial situation, feel free to reach out. I like to keep an eye out for meaningful businesses I can support to become more self-sustaining, and appreciate the opportunity to give back in this way.