Testimonials & Recommendations

“Dev was helping me with developing user acquisition strategy for my marketplace. What surprised me the most we started first from setting straight organisation structure, roles in company and polishing user value proposition of our startup. It was amazing to see things that were in my blind spot. Dev is also very strategic person, so I could talk with him specifically about my business and problems I meet on daily basis.

I liked the fact Dev drew framework for our cooperation, step-by-step work plan. It really helped me understand where we are and where we're heading. During our cooperation Dev showed me also few tricks regarding project management which really made my everyday life easier! I always used to be very skeptical about coaching. It had all the negative associations in my mind.

However Dev through his work with me proved me it can look differently.Thanks to our work together I improved my employees process efficiency by 38%, which resulted in ~38% salary savings for company basically. I would highly recommend Dev to these who strive to be the best and are eager to discover what they can improve regarding business processes and strategic planning.”

- Pawel Kaczynski, Innovation Manager at PHD, Founder at Black Monkey Deals

“I have had the pleasure of working with Dev on numerous occasions within my business and found that he gave me much more value than I expected every time we met. Through his thorough understanding of my personal goals and his ability to switch between my personal and business objectives, I was able to generate unfathomed results that set the benchmark for new levels of success in both my business and personal world.”

- George Bastoli, Founder & CEO, Royalle Modelling Group

“Dev is a strategic powerhouse, an effective coach that enables results and installs the confidence in others to forge ahead in unexplored territories. I really enjoyed working with Dev and would highly recommend him!”

- Jonathan Marin, Executive Leader, Customer Service, Lifestyle Solutions

“Working with Dev was so rewarding for me and my teams. His passion and genuine commitment to help us understand and overcome our service delivery challenges meant staff really owned the solutions. Dev co-designed contemporary and strategic solutions to improve our foster carer acquisition and uplift quality of customer service in our disability programs. Senior managers feel empowered and energised after working with Dev. Teams feel more engaged and satisfied in their roles. I can’t recommend Dev as a strategy consultant highly enough.”

- Elizabeth Knight, Customer Service State Leader NSW, Lifestyle Solutions

 “As Head of Shared Services at Lifestyle Solutions, I engaged Dev's support with strategy planning & design across all my teams, and to help elevate the leadership capabilities of myself and my teams. Dev worked with me on a wide variety of projects and his contributions to workflow improvements and designing innovative solutions to problems were invaluable.

 Dev has such a unique skill set; I would put money on there being no one in the world with the same capabilities. He brings to the table an ability to strategize, teach, coach and facilitate in such a fashion that you will walk away wondering what happened to you! His calm approach yet stern facilitation in keeping you on track, without you even realising, makes you wish you had engaged with Dev sooner. Plus, you were ENGAGED the whole session! Dev also has a powerful ability to ask you the hardest questions to really bring out the best of you at the same time. The benefits I gained from individual sessions with Dev have been long lasting and personally profound.

 His patience and perseverance in working with me individually, and with my larger teams to get them focused on the same goal was refreshing and well received by everyone. If you are thinking of engaging with Dev, just do it, you won’t be disappointed.”

- Kylie Neary, Head of Shared Services, Lifestyle Solutions